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About me

My name is Janine, I come from the south-west of Germany and set off on my first big trip alone in January 2018. 

As fate would have it, I met Martin in Namibia and we stayed in touch for the following months. A friendship developed into something more and so we had a long-distance relationship until September 2021 because at first I wanted to pursue my big dream of studying architecture. With my Bachelor's degree in my pocket, I could finally emigrate to Namibia. Without a job, without a big plan, but with the big dream of finally feeling at home in this beautiful country.

It wasn't and isn't always easy. You speak a different language, there are different cultures and many things are still new. Feel free to follow me, in the future I will be happy to take you into life and travel in and around Namibia!


I would also like to offer you to arrange an online video call with me if you have any questions or tips about your planned Namibia trip or about certain topics. Contact me here. It is best to give me some information in advance and I will contact you by email so that we can discuss everything else. I am looking forward to it!



Uncover Namibia is the go to website for anyone interested in Namibia. Whether travelling, living or experiencing. You will have a lot to uncover here! I am glad that you found my blog! 

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