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Braaibroodjies - Side and Snack

A Braai is essential for Namibians. A nice fire, meat, a few drinks and the night will be good.

The locals don't need sides but braaibroodjies are always a good idea!

You can leave a few Ingredients out or add whatever you like, it's a little bit like a grilled cheese but from the grill. The most important is that you like it! :)

You need:


Cheese, Cheddar is nice but not a must, take whatever cheese you like




Salt, pepper


Take two slices, spread butter or margarine on the outer sides and then place the coated sides on top of each other.

Then you can start topping them with grated or sliced cheese, tomatoes, onions and a dash of chutney on top. Season a little and put the side with butter on the outside. Then place all the broodjies on the grill grate and let them grill over the coals until they are well browned. Because charcoal grilling is not easy, you have to be very careful with the temperature. You can turn them over and over, the cheese should melt beautifully 😍

Here you can see a reel from my Instagram page where I explain the recipe to you. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Picture above is not mine it's from Tasty .

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