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Visa in Namibia

You want to emigrate to Namibia and don't know how? I will try to give you a better picture of the visa situation in Namibia and some tips to make the process easier for you.

First of all: I am not an expert in this field and I only speak from experience or from experiences of people I know personally.

And as you must have read many times, it is still not easy to get a visa for Namibia.

There are different visa options. All of them are different and linked to different conditions, which documents you need in the end or how good your chances are to get a visa, are quite individual.

Namibian Flag in the Wind

Work Visa

As the name suggests, this visa is tied to a specific job. This means that the employer has to prove why you are hired for this job and why no local person can do this job. Namibia has a very high unemployment rate and the government is trying to make these jobs available to locals first.

The requirements for this visa can be viewed online.

Investor visa

This visa is of course also bound to certain requirements. Mainly it means with this visa to bring money into the country and to open a company or to support certain projects with a certain amount. How much exactly this should be, no one can really say. Sometimes it is said to be N$2,000,000, but I have also heard of N$20,000,000. It certainly depends on many circumstances.

Buying a house is not a good idea and in the end it is not seen as an investment by the government.

A good contact in these cases is the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development board

This organization works closely with the government and also provides more information on the Digital Nomad Visa which was recently made possible!

Shareholder Visa

It is a bit like the investor visa, but different again. Shareholder means that you own shares in a company in Namibia and this company cannot do without the applicant. This has to be proven and a lot of documents and proofs are required so that not everybody buys into a company to get a visa.

Domicile Visa

The Domicile Visa is obtained by marrying a local. After marriage you can stay in the country and you are like a citizen. But you are not allowed to vote, otherwise you have the same rights. If something happens to your partner, you have to leave the country within 48-72 hours, because the visa is linked to your spouse.

Therefore, there is the domicile visa, you apply for it, submit all the necessary documents, pay your annual visa fee and then get the visa for one year. This must then be renewed annually.

Student Visa

I can't say much about this, many universities and colleges offer semesters abroad in Namibia. Usually your own university or the university here in Windhoek can help you. This visa must definitely be applied for and approved before entering Namibia.

In conclusion, all I can say is get a lawyer in this area. I will not recommend anyone here because I have not found a reliable lawyer yet and have not heard of any. You have to be very proactive and chase everyone, this is Africa.

Do your research well, a lot of information can only be obtained locally from the Ministry of Home Affairs or from lawyers.

Leave the fingers of dubious offers, from backers who can get you the visa for N$17,000 very quickly in 2-4 weeks, whether that is official or not, is now a moot point. I know that some people would really give anything to live here, but if that should come out, then you will quickly have an entry ban of at least five years. Whether you want to risk that is up to you.

I know the visa issue is hot and many are looking for answers to their questions and would love to live here. I totally understand that too, but weigh well if a move is really worth it for you and your family. All the expenses you have to incur with the visa plus moving and possibly container shipping are really no walk in the park and often drive you to despair.

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