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My favorite spots in Namibia

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Every single spot in Namibia is breathtaking. I want to show you some of my favorite spots here in Namibia so that you can find some new places to explore.

1. Avis Dam

The Avis Dam is located in the capital Windhoek. You can take a really nice walk there. For a fee of N$30 you can park your car and walk around the dam. For some years, there has been very little water in the dam, due to many dry summers in the past. This year, the dam is filled with a lot of water again and the view from some higher points is super nice!

2. Kalahari Desert

There is not one particular place, because the Kalahari Desert is very big! For me, it's the feeling on the ground, the colours and the environment that are there. Fiery red sand, blue sky and the sometimes green grass are breathtaking to see!

3. Deadvlei

It is best to drive into the national park before sunrise. That way you're standing in Deadvlei as soon as the sun just rises over the Big Daddy Dune. The brushy trees in the pan surrounded by the huge dunes give a unique feeling. Tip: get to the park as early as possible, it gets unbearably hot from 10am onwards!

4. Sandwich Harbour

South of Walvis Bay lies the Namib-Naukluft National Park. There you will find Sandwich Harbour. For me, it's a place you won't find a second time in this world. Dunes that end directly in the sea. You can only go to the park with a guide, they know best how to behave in certain situations and they will surely show you what dunes sound like ;)

What is your favorite spot in Namibia? I definetly have some more places, I will show them to you in a different Post :)

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