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Helpful Apps in Namibia

Updated: May 7, 2023

In this post, I'll introduce you to some helpful apps that you should check out before and during your trip to Namibia to be best prepared for your trip. Whether offline or online, there are some apps from locals that can help you make your trip even better!

It's a great way to prepare for your trip. The app is divided into different categories and is very easy to navigate. In the register you will find all kinds of accommodation providers, rental cars, activities, restaurants and much more!

The app is free!

I have loved this app for a long time! Or rather, it hasn't been an app for that long, Exploradio provides short audio clips on every known streaming platform to learn more about the country of Namibia. Not only that, you can also learn super interesting facts about the locals and wildlife. It costs a bit more, but in return you can listen to interesting facts about it offline during the long drives to your destination. And all updates and new audio clips are included in the price, as well as there will be no ads and your data is safe too! 🤗

Costs: Just as a special, later between 5 and 7.99€.

This app is perfect during your trip, especially through Etosha National Park! Here you can scroll through the offline map and read about all the mammals to be seen in the park in detail in the guide. You can also find the opening hours of the gates here.

Costs: 4.99€ in the App Store, 4.29€ in the Play Store


There is no Uber in Namibia, but LEFA is basically exactly the same. This might be especially helpful if you are staying in the cities for a few days and want to have a drink one evening. Then you simply order a LEFA via the app and can pay cash or via your pre-registered card. Very safe and easy to use!

Free app!

5. Facebook

This is not directly related to Namibia, but in Namibia a lot still happens via Facebook. Here you can find restaurants that are sometimes not even listed on Google or groups that might be interesting, such as Camping in Namibia.

6. Google Translate

I always find it great to have a translation app on my mobile phone. You can download languages offline, so if you have an emergency and no internet access, you can still communicate. Sometimes you just don't know certain words and it helps to have a translation ready quickly.

7. or Google Maps

Maps are always good to have on your mobile phone. In Namibia, the classic printed road maps work almost best, because there are not so many roads here and at junctions there are usually only two directions. So it's not all that confusing.

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