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One year in Namibia 🇳🇦

26.09.2022 I have already been in Namibia for one year. Is that long or still too short? Somehow the day makes me a little sad, why I don't know exactly. On the one hand it was everything I wished for all these years and of course I am still very, very happy here. But to realize that it has been a year since I left my family and friends behind still hurts.

There is still so much to discover here in Namibia and I will certainly not get bored. The last year consisted mainly of sorting out thoughts, getting life in order and building up my own life here. I am still busy with that. Since May I'm finally working, so now almost half a year, to build up the customer base and grow even further in addition to my small salary as an assistant, takes a few more years, me hardly anyone knows here 😂

What is "home" now? Is that Namibia or Germany? 🇳🇦🇩🇪

For me definitely both countries if not additionally Bosnia because there are people in each of these countries that I certainly wouldn't want to be without.

I've met some pretty great people here in Namibia too, so that definitely makes it easier too, but it's different. I'm excited what the coming year, then even the second already holds for me! I'll keep you up to date 🤗

I also had the idea to set up Uncover Namibia about a year ago, only the idea was not yet fully developed. After arriving, I kept tweaking it until I was finally able to launch the website at the end of January!

Thank you very much for your great support, I will hopefully keep you informed about Namibia here for a very long time 🥰

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