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Restaurant Guide for Swakopmund

Swakopmund is a beautiful coastal town and is especially popular with locals in the summer, i.e. November and December.

For most tourists it is a nice stop for two to three days to check off some items on the to-see list like a catamaran tour in Walvis Bay, a Sandwich Harbour tour or a Little 5 Safari 🇳🇦🤗

You can see the yellow Frok'n'nice bus from a distance!

And because food is of course also super important, here comes the restaurant guide for Swakopmund 😉

1. Wurstbude

My absolute favorite pizza restaurant in Swakop. Not only does the name sound awesome, but the pizzas on the menu are delicious! It's not super close to the city center, but by car it's less than 5 minutes down Strand Street or a leisurely walk of about 30 minutes.

Food: Pizza, salads, pasta

Price: $

2. Mole

There are several restaurants at the Mole: Ocean Cellar, Brewer & Butcher, Farmhouse Deli All three are of a very high standard and definitely worth a visit. The service is first class and the food is also very tasty!

Food: Seafood, meat, vegetarian dishes

Price: $$$

You can go for a nice stroll at the Mole. The Restaurants are accessible by stairs

3. Fork’n’nice

This yellow bus in the parking lot north of the pier, is a real eye-catcher! In my opinion they serve the best fish'n'chips in Namibia. In addition, there are fries and super delicious remoulade 🤤 Who does not like fish, there is also chicken strip. You can also order it in a wrap and then sit down on the green area facing the sea, behind the bus. You can unfortunately only pay cash or with one of the common payment apps in Namibia. Unfortunately no card payment

Food: Fish'n'chips or Chicken

Price: $

4. Altstadt Restaurant

If you miss hearty German food, this is the place for you. Schnitzel, Käsespätzle and Co. can be found here without any problems on the menu. Beer in 1L boot of course 🍻

The mood is always great and the atmosphere is also not to be compared.

Food: Typical German food, but also fresh sea food.

Price: $$

5. Tiger Reef

A totally beautiful location! You sit on the water and have a very nice view of the sea. The food is okay, but you can tell that it was just taken out of the freezer and put into the next fryer :D

We usually only go there for a few drinks and snacks with friends. There are better restaurants in Swakopmund 🤫

Food: Fingerfood, bruger, seafood.

Price: $-$$

6. Andy’s Sushi, Oyster and Fine Seafood

I haven't been there myself since Andy's also opened a restaurant in Swakopmund. I have heard nothing but good things about them though! The restaurant is very centrally located, so definitely worth a visit 🤗

Food: sushi, sea food

Price: $$

7. Wild Rocket

I had a great breakfast there just a few weeks ago! The service was exceptionally great and the drinks and food especially delicious.

It's more of a breakfast/lunch restaurant since they always close after lunch time, except on Fridays they are open one more time from 17-21.30.

Food: Breakfast, lunch, light meals, vegetarian meals.

Price: $

8. Gabrieles Pizza

I've actually never eaten here before, but the location is great. Right next to Café Anton with nice outdoor dining. And the pizza is supposed to be one of the best in all of Africa 😉

Food: Italian, Pizza

Price: $$

9. Jetty

I haven't visited here either, but the location makes it a very special experience. At the end of the wooden jetty in Swakopmund, near the aquarium you have the feeling of sitting on the open sea and enjoying the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Sunsets must be especially beautiful from there.

Food: Seafood, but also grilled, sushi

Price: $$$

10. Waffelhaus

One of my favorite restaurants 😍 As the name suggests there are waffles, all the possible variations. From hearty to sweet, there is something for everyone. And the waffle itself is not too sweet, just perfect. Somewhat hidden in a backyard, the atmosphere there is also so nice and homey. My insider tip for you 🥰

Food: Waffles hearty to sweet

Price: $

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