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Restaurant Guide for Windhoek

(Am Weinberg you will find several restaurants: Butcher Block, Olivia's Kitchen and Cape Town Fishmarket).

The largest airport in Namibia is the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, which means that anyone travelling to Namibia is very likely to pass through Windhoek. Be it on arrival or departure. Many guests pay no attention to Windhoek at all and go straight to their first destinations in order not to lose any time. While I can understand that, you can still plan a day or two in Windhoek and explore the capital city.

And because eating is one of my favourite things to do, I'd like to introduce you to some restaurants that I can really recommend!

I have written a small description for each restaurant, at the end a summary of what kind of food you can order there and in which price segment from cheap ($) to rather high-priced ($$$) the restaurant lies.

1. Joe's Beerhouse

I think this restaurant is mentioned in every travel guide. Besides the cool decoration on site and the super nice staff, there is really good food here. It's a great start to a trip through Namibia because you can try all kinds of local (meat) dishes.

From springbok, zebra, crocodile to typical German dishes like pork knuckle or schnitzel. I wouldn't describe it as a must, but still worth a visit.

Food: Local meat dishes, also vegetarian dishes

Price: $$

2. Daisho Sushibar

Sushi is now available in most cities, of course, but if you're on holiday and fancy some sushi, this is definitely THE place to try good sushi 😉

Food: Sushi

Price: $$

3. Am Weinberg

There is a choice of different restaurants there. One is Butcher Block, which offers mainly meat dishes that are very tasty! Then Olivia's Kitchen, where you can have a great breakfast and lunch. They have many refreshing dishes and lastly Cape Town Fishmarket. A seafood restaurant that also serves sushi and has a great view. There is also a hotel that is supposed to be great.

Food: Meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, breakfast and lunch, fish dishes

Price: $$-$$$

4. Rocco Mama’s

For me, one of the best burger restaurants! The restaurant is located in Grove Mall. You can customise your burger and enjoy the view over Windhoek!

Food: Burger, Loaded Fries, Nachos

Price: $

5. Fresh’n’Wild at Utopia

You can enjoy really delicious food in a great atmosphere. The prices are okay and of course you can get great drinks here too!

Food: Pizza, Burger, Meat dishes

Price: $$

6. Stellenbosch Winebar/The Tasting Room

This place is absolutely perfect! Not only does the food taste great here, but the whole location is beautiful. It feels a bit like being on the Mediterranean and the wine you can taste here is also very good!

Food: Meat dishes, Fish, Pizza, Burger, huge Winelist

Price: $$$

7. Wilde Eend Bistro

This bistro is part of a kind of tree nursery and is beautifully situated. It's a great place for breakfast and lunch. Good selection of fresh dishes if you want a meat-free alternative.

Food: refreshing light meals, Wraps, Cakes

Price: $

8. Leo’s at the Castle

A super view over Windhoek, located directly at the Heinitzburg. The service is top and the food leaves nothing to be desired. It has a special charm and is worth it to end a great Namibia holiday on the roof terrace.

Food: Meal dishes and alternatives, fine dining

Price: $$$

9. Garnish ndian Restaurant

Indian restaurants are a feel-good food for me :D Garnish is definitely a good idea for this! You can find the typical dishes like butter chicken, chicken masala or even samosas on the menu.

Food: Indian

Price: $

10. Arebbush Restaurant

I went there for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised. The staff were really nice and the menu was really good. Definitely a 10/10 for taste. It's just not that well located, but if you're still looking for accommodation, it's a great place to stay.

Food: Pizza, burgers, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes

Price: $$

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